Minimalism and Clothing- less but best.

I was discussing about Minimalism with my friend recently. And I was explaining him how I plan to practice minimalism and become a minimalist. The question he asked me after “What the hell is this?” and “Do you need me to lend you some money?”  was, “Is there a particular clothing style for it?”

Now, considering that we Indians are obsessed with having fancy wardrobes and different clothes for every occasion, there ever is and ever will be. That was a question in waiting. My mother also asked me if this Minimalism is some kind of festival and if it will require “different” wardrobe.

I donated dozens of clothes recently. Now, my wardrobe only has what I love wearing. I got to see that lovely smiles on the face of those kids and I also got to de-own and now everything in my wardrobe is my favorite.

So what does a Minimalist wear- Simply what he loves, each and every day.

I avoid logos and brand tags for several reasons. Yet I do have some stuff with logos. I soon plan to eliminate them completely.

So after donating, I don’t have many clothes left. I have a minimal wardrobe. And despite the usual societal perception, having a minimal wardrobe is beautiful. I get to wear what I love everyday. I am incredibly comfortable and confident in what I wear.

Throughout the past few months, I have been experimenting with my wardrobe with an aim to find out my personal niche in clothing. What I will love the most and what will be my favorite. I have come to realization that I feel the most beautiful and confident when I am wearing a simple, plain kurta and a jeans.

I have no sentimental value to my clothes. And, I don’t need to take ample time to decide what to wear as everything in my wardrobe is my favorite. And I feel amazingly comfortable and confident in each one of them. Isn’t that the whole point of clothing?

Somehow societal perceptions has convinced us that more clothes means more happiness, more popularity and more worth. But is it that way?

Do we need clothes to know our worth?

Think about it.

Who do we need clothing for? To make us feel better and confident or the society?

Think about it.

Is it fine that often we’re judged more on our clothing than our self worth?

Think about it.

Ask yourself next time, you’re buying new clothes of some brand. Whom are you buying it for? Yourself or society? You’ll realize more often than not the answer is the latter.

Again, it is a matter of choice. That is why, I love this concept. All it helps you doing is to consciously think about the choices you make. I did think and I realized the mesmerizing effect of owning less. But living more. And living with nothing but the best.

Impress with your character. Not your clothes. Not what you wear but who you’re.

Simplify. Buy less. Own less.De-clutter your clothes. Give them away. Donate. Trash. Avoid sales. Avoid Discounts. Difference between needs and wants. Avoid logos. Live with less. But live with best. 


5 thoughts on “Minimalism and Clothing- less but best.

  1. 4 years ago I started to question my affinity for name brands, I was like a walking billboard for companies, who probably own sweatshops. Gap! really where? Banana republic! why? Calvin Klein for my under carriage! who cares? So I got rid of all those and I couldn’t be happier.

  2. I’m working on this – I have a wardrobe of bulging clothes, a mountain of ironing, but I tend to just wear the same few things, my favourite things. Meanwhile I feel bogged down by so much “stuff”. Thank you for the inspiration to take the next step.

  3. Nice to see another minimalist from India 🙂

    You are right about the clothes, when I started de-cluttering letting go of my gadgets was far easy than my clothes. Growing up we are always taught that we are successful when we can own stuff and have lots of money and as we grow we keep manifesting that lie. I hope this message is spread more in India now, as it the prone to a materialistic boom with e-commerce and increased amount of higher middle class people.

    Keep the good work going. Cheers.

    • Hey, thanks brother!

      Really glad to been able to get in touch with you.

      That is true. We truly believe in a success template and are severely pressured by societal perceptions which leads to believing that owing more is the key to happiness.

      I checked your work man. Great stuff. Really glad to have a companion in this journey!

      Keep in touch. Cheers!

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