Minimalism and Change- A year in Review.

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” 
― Leo Tolstoy

My, my. What a year it has been. 

Ups and downs. Happiness and pain. Sadness. Depression too at some stages. Complete ecstasy too at many a times. Opportunities and tough decisions. Glory, applause and downfall. Everything- a show worth witnessing. A drama worth reading.

But more than anything else, this year was about one thing- Change.

Complete and jaw-dropping change. Challenging the conventional sort of change. Inspiring and mesmerizing change. And some not-needed, depressive kind of change.

But the theme of change was constant and repetitive throughout.

And I loved every bit of it.

I crave change. That’s how I stumbled upon the concept of Minimalism among many such other things. That’s why I volunteer in one of the biggest NGO in the world- Rotaract since past 4 years. That’s why, I opted out of the course I was doing when I realized this isn’t my cup of tea. That’s why I do all the things I do. I change.

To change. Everything and everywhere. But most importantly, to change myself. To rediscover myself at every possible step. To reinvent myself over and over. And, if at all I can, to help others doing the same. Reinventing and rediscovering.

As a society, we have been led to believe that change is bad. Change is terrible. Constant and monotonous is good for life. Being safe. Being safe with work. Being safe with life. Being safe. Just being safe. You should work, eat and sleep. And repeat. Till death.

Some changes in life might not be good at first but at hindsight everything connects. Everything. We grow only when we change. We become better only when we change.

Now, people might say how does it connect to minimalism? Oh, but it does and that too in a beautiful manner.

One of the key aspect of Minimalism for me is to discover the path to freedom. To discover freedom. To discover happiness. And happiness is a curious concept. And that can happen only when I experiment around. Only when I get out of the comfort zone. Only when I grow. And, that’s exactly how Minimalism helps me as a tool. A tool to change things around me. A tool to hack things around. A tool to tweak things around. Things that makes me better. Concepts that make me grow. Everyday. Failures from which I learn.

It is beautiful. Everyday I learn something about myself. Each day I come across a flaw I possess. I smile more. I laugh more. I even think more. I am more compassionate and kind towards my people, towards people around me and towards surrounding in general.That is due to constant change and questioning that this concept brings in, pitches in. And I am happy.

This year was all about change. Next year too will be about same. And the year next to that.

The only difference is that this year, there was no Minimalism as a tool available to me till late. Yet I was constantly changing. But next year, I will have that tool. And I am really excited about it. Each day will be sheer brilliance. Each day will be of change. Each day, a part of me will grow.

People nowadays ask me what is the one thing you love the most about this concept. I reply almost instantly that this concept makes me think consciously about my choices. And once we start doing that, we choose some and we discard some. And, in the process, we change. You see how it all connects? Isn’t it dead gorgeous?

Look away from your smartphone screen and see around. There is much to give, there is so much to take. There is so much to appreciate and there is so much to change. In you and around.

So this new years take only one but a solid resolution. To change.

Do something you fear. Go out of that comfort zone. Do something stupid. Make mistakes. Fail. Learn from failing. Know your flaws. Work on your flaws. Be with your friends. Tell someone how they inspire you. Tell someone that you love them just because of who they’re.  Help someone. Go out of your way and help someone. Donate. Make someone smile. Do something for someone anonymously. Simplify your life. Smile more. Laugh more. Listen more. Be compassionate. Be kind. Read. Write. Love. Grow. Live. Breathe.

Do comment on what do you feel about change.

Happy holidays, folks!


2 thoughts on “Minimalism and Change- A year in Review.

  1. This resonated with me because my life is going to be full of huge changes this year. I am starting a new job next week (Education Director for Atlanta Audubon Society) and wondering how I am going to balance work with my very busy family life and the volunteer work I do at a wildlife center. My family is also getting ready to put our house on the market and possibly move into a rental home as we begin building our simpler, smaller dream house. All good things! Just a little scary too. 🙂 I need to work on the minimalist philosophy as I try to pare down my belongings and juggle responsibilities.

    • Oh, yes. Indeed. It is always scary, change at first. Difficult too.

      But then aren’t all the things worth having are?

      Ah, you’ve much at hand. And it seems from your blog and way of writing that you would do everything beautifully 🙂

      Oh, Education? I am interested in teaching as a profession and in education system as such.

      Great to connect with you. Do keep in touch 🙂

      Cheers. Do follow more updates 😀

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