Minimalism and The Beauty of Mindfulness

“In a true you-and-I relationship, we are present mindfully, non-intrusively, the way we are present with things in nature. We do not tell a birch tree it should be more like an elm. We face it with no agenda, only an appreciation that becomes participation: ‘I love looking at this birch’ becomes ‘I am this birch’ and then ‘I and this birch are opening to a mystery that transcends and holds us both.” 
― David Richo


To just be. Being aware. Being mindful. Being present, in the present. 

Is it difficult?


Is it worth the effort?


I was going to college few days back in a Mumbai local. Peak hours. Crowded and rushed. People abusing each other, looking at each other with those angry and irritated eyes. Some singing. Some talking. Some sleeping.

Regular stuff, actually. I have been travelling in such rush since three years now, I have grown use to the culture. I never shouted or abused, as far as I can remember. But I remember that I used to get irritated and anxious. To cover those emotions, I used to day-dream about big bungalows and/or my own Merc. Jobs. Career. That girl I admire. That girl who admires me. And different other things. About past and future. Or when I am with friends, we discuss things. Again about past and future. And people.

Or worse, I had my smart phone. I would play games. Chat with people. And explore every single thing innately possible in that device.

And, without my realization, my stops use to come. And voila. Journey ended. Almost 1 hour of each day, many times more, use to go in this.

This is the same with almost all people. And also same with other things too.

When you’re with someone or when you’re alone or when you’re doing something. Travelling, reading, writing, talking, walking, eating or even sleeping. You think about everything. You think about past and future. About that person who told you something. The food you ate. The food you’ll eat. The differences you have with that someone. The praises. The criticisms. Everything. You’re everywhere. Except in the moment.

Cut forward to day before, I was coming back in local. But this time I had minimalism with me. I knew mindfulness and I was trying to adopt mindfulness. I just sat down on one of the seats. I had no friends with me. I didn’t take out my smartphone. I just tried to be. To be in the moment. In that rushed crowded train.

It did felt stupid at first. But not after I observe something. Right in front of me there were two people- one child and her mother. They were playing together. Laughing. Smiling. The mother was tickling her. He was trying to evade. Both had bliss, complete bliss on their faces. A genuine smile. A soulful smile.

I realized how over the years, I have grown slowly apart from one relation which is pure till the end- Mother and child. I did. And somewhere, we all have.

I observed much more. People who were tired of life. Some who had that worn out look on their faces. Some in deep contemplation.Most staring deep away in their cells. But hardly anyone in the moment. The Present.

My station came. I got down. But with a smile. A serene smile. This time the journey was different. One with a meaning. I bought a chocolate and went home. And ate that chocolate with my mother. We spend hours talking. And I saw her happy. Genuinely happy. Maybe after days.

But more than that, I realized I was happy. I was aware of my being. I was mindful. I was present in that moment. I felt the love. The bond. Genuine and one of the most beautiful bond. Ever.

I am not saying, what happen to me in that local will happen to you. I am not saying it won’t. It might happen. Something more might. Something beautiful. Sometime breathe-taking. Something invincible and extraordinary. Just because you’re there. In the present. Aware of everything. And mindful.

Who can change the past or control the future?

There is only one thing who have in abundance and you can control- now. The present.

Do one thing at a time. Slow and deliberate. By being aware of what you’re doing. Be in the present. Be in now. Just be. Don’t think about what will happen when the present is not there. Don’t think of what was when the present was not there. It doesn’t matter. Now is what matters. Now. Here. Only now.

So,next time, when you’re with a person- friend, family, relative or a stranger. Be with them. Keep your cell-phone aside. Keep your thoughts of past and the future aside. Just be. With them. Listen intently. Make them feel you care for their words, their thoughts. Make them feel you’re there. Laugh. Smile. And more. By being there. Mindful and present.

Next time, when you’re doing something- writing, eating, reading, listening, working, travelling, learning or whatever. Be in that phase. Just focus on that. Single-task. Your past can wait. Your future can wait. So can your smartphone. Not only it’ll make you more productive and more efficient. You’ll feel good. You’ll feel accomplished. You’ll be fully aware. And in present. That’s the key, to be in present. To be mindful. To be aware. Of surroundings and nature. And people.

Don’t get in the dogma of always planning ahead. Or of always thinking of the past. And re-analyzing. They are crucial. But not when they conflict with the present. You’ll ruin your mind. Your soul.

Be mindful of what you’re doing. Be aware. Be in the moment. And you’ll truly live. With happiness and bliss.

Appreciate the present. Be with the present. And participate in the present.

Be aware. Be mindful. Be.

Do comment your thoughts on the topic of mindfulness. How important you feel it is?

Happy reading folks!

P.S.- The image you see at the top of the post, is the productivity template. To ensure that you extract utmost value from each post, I’ll mention the key takeaways and the estimated time required to read that particular post. This idea is inspired from Chris of A Year Of Productivity.Also the gorgeous header you see on the home page was made by Riya of The Shutter Story. Really appreciate their help in making this blog more awesome!


21 thoughts on “Minimalism and The Beauty of Mindfulness

  1. Awesome post! now following your blog too 🙂

    Even whilst reading your post I found myself distracted by my phone and my thoughts were wondering elsewhere. We have so many distractions around us and it is a real struggle to stay focused. This is a real hindrance and is probably holding us back from our true potential!

    Thanks for checking out my blog, already by reading your blog I have learnt something about myself. So Thank you and keep up the good work

    • Hey mate, thanks for the comment and appreciation! Really appreciate it. True that, I found that more often than not, technology plays a crucial role in getting us wandering. Thus it is always necessary to disconnect for sometime and just be.

      Keep in touch. Great blog man. Great to connect with you 🙂

  2. Hi,
    Thank you for reading my blog, it is much appreciated!
    I also found this post of yours true. I have started trying to be more mindful, more aware, especially on my commute, or when I am eating, because I want to learn to appreciate the present more. Instead of thinking about lots of other things while I for example eat, I try to be “here and now” and then I notice what I am eating more than I did before. Pretty cool, but not easy! The mind likes to wander 🙂

    • Hey!

      True that, I feel we are too much either in the past or the future. Being more aware allows us to see true beauty in the life. Yes, yes. I too these days eat quite mindfully. It truly helps me being more aware. The mind is a beast, indeed. Either it serves but if you don’t control the leash it takes over the power.

      Do keep in touch! Great to connect with you 🙂

  3. A great post, I wish I’d written it. The more mindful I become, the more I notice other people living in the past, or with fear of the future, missing the great stuff here and now. We all try to do a million and one things at once and this is seen as a skill. Stopping is a much more important skill. Vital in fact.

    • Thank you, Amy! You’re really great, supporting a new blogger like me so much!

      I have come realize that by doing too many things together. By thinking too much of past and the future. I sacrifice on my present. I do.

      I am unhappy and always in worry. I am not living.

      When I am aware, when I am in the moment, when I am in the present. I truly leave. I accept things as they are. I am mindful of them.

      And I live.

      Keep in touch!

      • You don’t write like you’re new 😉

        I’m glad you’ve discovered the joys of mindfulness. Years of battling anxiety and it turns out I have to notice it, accept it, and then move on to the next thought. Not always easy but it does work.

      • I am an old writer, a new blogger 🙂

        Yes, yes. I try to learn. It is brilliant. These all things are difficult. Being simple. Being minimalist. Being mindful and all. But the pure divinity you feel once you’re part of this is out of this world.

        Perhaps the old guy said right about worth having and being difficult 🙂

    • True that.

      That’s why, I try and minimize the use of them.

      And also to question, if I really require a particular gadget?

      Thanks for the comment and thanks for stopping by.

      And all the best for your minimal game.

      Do keep in touch through subscription or follow! 🙂

  4. Hey there 🙂

    What a beautiful story and example of mindfulness! A reminder that there is ALWAYS that moment waiting for you to see it, there is always that mother-and-child-playing, that sunset-over-the-trees, that bird-song-cold-morning. We just have to slow down and start looking for the beauty in each moment.

    I have an annoying habit of compulsively filling time. I find it hard to just DO NOTHING. But it really isn’t doing nothing, it is being. And being can free us from compulsive doing. To stop planning for the future and analyzing the past, to actually LIVE rather than get ready to live, or think about living, or plan to live.

    • True that, mate.

      All you require is to slow down. Or learn to slow down. To be actually aware and be present.

      I myself find it very distracting when I am not doing something. I feel I am not being productive at all. But on the contrary, I am actually more efficient and productive when I am just being. Being in the present. Being in the moment.

      Thanks for the comment, mate.

      Really great to connect with you 🙂

      Do keep in touch through subscription or follow!

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