Minimalism-how to begin with it?

“Are these things really better than the things I already have? Or am I just trained to be dissatisfied with what I have now?” 

― Chuck Palahniuk


Since the time, I have began with this particular blog. People have been asking me, “That all is good and nice, how do I embrace minimalism?”

If you too thought of this particular question. Go make some coffee and relax. And give me 8 minutes of your time. That is all I ask, for starters.

Now there can be quite a few reasons for even thinking of adopting this style. For me, it was peace and dealing with anxiety of my life.

For you it can be anything. Anything. Maybe you want to take that holiday and save for it. Maybe you want to change careers. Take sabbatical. Maybe you want to discover your mission in life. Maybe you’re really in debts and you want to eliminate them. All the materialism and excessive consumerism is making you extremely unhappy. Or is invading your peace. Or increasing your anxiety. You’re looking to change.You’re in depression.You have become moody and you get irritated too quickly. You get agitated too quickly. You’re losing compassion. Anything really. Anything. And much more. Really. Anything at all.

So how it begins? In the mind.  Yes, in your mind. It sounds simple. But is difficult. Really difficult. But then if you want change. Real breath-taking change. It takes efforts.

For starters, just think and question consciously of all the choices you make. Everything in your life. Question them once. Ask yourself, why exactly are you buying that thing, doing that thing? Do you need it? Do you want it? Do you like it? Are you buying for the society? Are you buying to impress? Why are you buying?

Are you happy with your life? 

If not, why? Are you happy with people in your life? If not, why? What needs to be changed? Why your emotions are always cluttered? Why is their sadness in your eyes? Why can’t you smile more, cheer more, laugh more? Why can’t you dance and sing? What is it that is weighing on you? Is it those shitty relations you are holding on to? Or are you dissatisfied with your life? What is it? Why aren’t you just happy?

Are you happy with your career?

If not, why? What is it you don’t like? Does it curb your freedom? Does it makes you feel not you? Is it having impact on your life in a negative manner? Making you all upset and moody and generally discontent and dissatisfied? What is the root? Why do you still stick to it?

Be specific. Be honest. Be severely brutal. And just think. Don’t judge yourself or your thoughts.

The first step to any change is realization. This might not happen in day or even months. I personally took several months for these realizations.

To be all honest, thinking all this can be overwhelming. Really. Because then you might just realize you’re doing it dead wrong.

And that’s scary as hell.

I know that feeling. I understand. But that’s OKAY. It is really. You will feel happy too. As you’ve decided to finally take control of your life. Take ownership and not living it on an Auto-Pilot mode. But by being aware. You’ll feel what Leo Babauta termed as ‘Joyfear

Most of the sites, I have been to ask you to start the process of Minimalism by de-cluttering your material possessions.I’ll get to it too, eventually. In later posts. But really, I see no point of cleaning your closet if your mind is wobbling with all sorts of unrecognized negativity. That is stupid.

First clear your mind, then clear your closet.

So just think and realize. Everything about your life. It might take months. I know, I took months to decipher things. But give yourself that much time, I am sure if you have time for everyone and everything in this world, you can afford some time for yourself?

This process is never ending. But at least start with it? Once you get major things or even somethings clear, you’ll be in control. The key is to start thinking and questioning everything you do, consciously.

Just start with it. Put your first foot into it. Just take control of your life. There is no fun and fulfillment in living in an auto-pilot. Find the why of each and every major thing in your life. Find it. Search for it. Decipher it.

Just do it. Don’t just sit there and feel inspired. Take that inspiration and make it count. In whatever way you like and whatever way you want. But do it.

At the end of this post you’ve two choices-

1) Like always. You can feel inspired for few hours and do nothing about it. Quoting that it is too tough or you’re too busy or you think this will not work. By being in your comfort zone. Just because you fear things outside. So, you accept unhappiness. Really you’re that busy for yourself? Interesting.


2) You can take the hints. You know if you’re not happy. You know it in your heart. You’ve been just avoiding it. Embrace it. That’s minimalism. Embrace the fear and realize everything is not fine. De-clutter your thoughts first. Realize things about yourself. And take control of your life. Own it. Usually, you get only one life.

So, what will it be? Will you just sit like every-time or will you act?

(Hint: Choose the first)

Let me be the first one to tell you- this is tough. Really. You’ll have a hard time accepting truths. I know, I did. I am still learning. But it is worth it. Really. It is gorgeous once you know you were wrong. It is scary. You feel fear, you embrace fear. But happiness of realization is there. That moment is life-redefining.

And anyways, what change, worth having, is not tough and scary?

So just fucking do it. Will you?

So here it is, in the simplest words:

Step 1 to Minimalism- De-clutter our thoughts. 

Do leave in your comments, feedback and more. How did you start to take control of your life?

P.S.- Major blog update:  

1) Every Thursdays will be Minimalist Thursdays on this blog. I’ll take you through the little steps I take, to get immerse in this process. More and more.

2) Every Sunday will be Gems of Minimalism, wherein, I’ll write about regular feelings and things from a Minimalism point of view.

Thank you for giving such an amazing response to a new blogger. Really overwhelming. You people are beautiful. Thank you 🙂


18 thoughts on “Minimalism-how to begin with it?

  1. awesome blog. im also on my own journey to declutter my life. I have this little dream of mine where one day all my belongings are reduced to one small lugagge.. that way, if I’m reading or watching something and there’s a particular place I’m seeing/reading, I can literally stand up, pack everything I have in five minutes and just go. the only thing standing between me and any part of the world woulf be my willingness to just do it.

    not quite there yet, but I’m moving in that direction.

    sol –

  2. Hi! Great articles. My minimalism journey started a few years ago with a major spiritual enlightenment. I desperately wanted quiet, slow, and calm in my life. When I went to my closet I wanted to pick out my outfit without thinking too much about it. Seeing so many closthes in there, especially the fat clothes, the skinny clothes, the ones I didnt wear, was completely over whelming, so thats where I started. I only kept the clothes I wear regularly. Next went the shoes. Then my makeup. I eventually moved through every part of my house and boxed up a lot of stuff to be donated. I sleep on a mat on my floor, I have one plate, one bowl, a couple of cups for each of us, one pot, one pan. Two eyeshadows, one mascara. I dont have any jeans at the moment and that freaked me out at first, but I am finding it liberating to not wear jeans & throw on a dress instead. I am ready to donate most of my jewelry and cookbooks right now. When you declutter your life it automatically declutters your mind.

    • True that 🙂

      But often, I have also encountered people who are in deep depression and confused themselves regarding there life and they seek Minimalism as a escape route. It is that although, it is also crucial to face things and realize things and de-clutter your mind.

      Thanks for such a thought provoking comment.

      Keep reading. Cheers!

  3. Clearing your mind first is an absolute must, I do agree. One question I have though is that I think of all of that clutter in my garage/attic/basement (where ever it may be) is taking up space in my mind. How do I get rid of thinking about all of that stuff (whatever that stuff may be) if it is still there? Looking forward to reading more.
    I used to go to a women’s retreat every year, there was no TV, Radio or computers. We had planned sessions, free time, and a five hour quiet time at some point over the weekend. It was held at a beautiful location. This was my time to renew my mind and clear out everything, but the retreat did not happen this year due to some problems of people not being able to afford it. I sure will miss that time.

    • Oh, yes.

      The answer to your question can be that you’re past the first step of Minimalism. From what you’ve wrote, I can feel that you’ve already realized that your lifestyle requires a drastic change in itself. And you were going dead wrong, earlier. Since the realization is there and you know, that you want to live more simply and more of a lifestyle which is minimal in nature.

      When I reached this point, first thing which took my mind space was the my closet. It was full of things which I didn’t use and I know I won’t in future as well but they were all still there.

      So, what I did? I trashed, donated and sold my clothes emptying more than 3/4th of my clothes.

      And, it feels great. Try this approach. Donate, trash and sell. Mostly donate and you’ll feel good as well 🙂

  4. ‘First clear your mind, then clear your closet.’
    Absolutely. You can’t undertake drastic change if you’re not in the right headspace.
    You reminded me of a similar quote by Confucius that I like quite a bit:
    “Don’t complain about the snow on your neighbor’s roof when your own doorstep is unclean.”

    • Thanks mate. Glad you liked it.

      Touche. Change requires a strong will and head more than anything else.

      Ah, that made my day. Really glad that my thoughts can remind you of someone like Confucius.

      Your site to is great. I’ll be following it closely.

      Keep in touch 🙂

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