Minimalism and Guide to Contentment

“Because one believes in oneself, one doesn’t try to convince others. Because one is content with oneself, one doesn’t need others’ approval. Because one accepts oneself, the whole world accepts him or her.” 

― Laozi



Oh, hi. You’re reading this? Interesting. Probably on your desktop/laptop which means you can afford a laptop or desktop or money to go to a library and a cyber. The balance of probability is that you’re sitting on a chair at your home staring at this screen. You’ve internet. You’ve a chair. That would probably deduce to you having a home- a place to live and sleep.

That would mean, you’ve food to eat. Most probably, you’re not sitting naked (I hope so, otherwise that would be quite disturbing) so you’ve clothes to wear. You’ve internet, so most likely you are on various Social Media, that would mean you’ve moments worth sharing. That would further deduce to you having friends and people you can call your own.

So you’ve all this? Good, you’re richer and luckier than almost 50 percent of the world.

But let me guess– you’re not content or happy. 

You’re not happy with your life. With yourself. You’ve a problem with how you look. And where you’re right now. Where you were and where you’re heading. You’re not content with amount of money you’ve or the people you’ve in your life. You keep comparing yourself to everyone under sun. This guy or that girl. That celebrity. That person. That neighbor. That neighbor’s son. Everyone.

If I give you a small car, you’ll want a big car and then a bigger car.

If I give you money, you’ll want more money then more and then more and there is no stop to it.

You get the gist.

You’re not content.

About time we stop living like this don’t you think?

Read along- this little guide to contentment. Make yourself a cup of coffee (many people don’t have that privilege) and relax.  Let me guide you through it, in steps:

  1. Trust and Accept yourselfFor God’s sake, trust yourself. You’re unique. You’re special. Stop setting high ideals for yourself and then beating yourself up. Accept yourself. Accept your flaws. Know your strengths. Take pride in who you’re. Be confident in who you’re. Trust yourself. Love yourself. You’re not perfect, no one is. But that’s no reason to feel bad. Over the time, you’ll learn. Over the time, you’ll grow. You’ll. Just trust yourself. Accept yourself. You’re the best you, there ever was and there ever will be. Know that. Absorb that. Live that.
  2. Stop comparing yourself with others- 

    No really. Please stop doing it. This is where from your majority of the discontent comes from. Unhappiness too. Really, stop. In this age, where everything is up on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter- there are higher chances of comparing yourself with others. He uploaded food pictures, I didn’t. He went to a party, I didn’t. He bought new things, I didn’t.  He this and he that. Realize Social Media is like selling- everyone will show their best features. You don’t know if Bill Gates too is happy. Yes, he is successful from societal point of view. But you don’t know whether he is happy. You’ll never know that. So stop comparing yourself with them. Learn from people and move on. Be happy with you’re and where you’re. Comparing doesn’t help you grow and hinders your peace. What is the point of such activity again?

  3. Don’t depend on Stuff for Contentment (Or happiness)- 

    Really, that all that new stuff you bought to make yourself feel ‘safe’ and ‘secure’? Guess what, they don’t help. Those just increase your anxiousness over time and a time will come where you’ll want to grow beyond those stuff. Remember the car, big car and bigger car example?  That will happen. You won’t be content. You won’t even be happy. I am not saying, take a exile. But stop defining yourself from your stuff- trust me, they are never enough. They never will be. And you’ll always be unhappy. And discontent.

  4. You don’t need to prove yourself- 

    You don’t. Really. You’re not defined by your stuff. Not clothes, not gadgets, not cars and bungalows. Or your friends. Or your followers on twitter. Or number of likes on your facebook photos. Or by how many parties you attend. You are not. If you’re saying you do, you’re telling me that if I strip all this, you are nothing. You’ve no identity of your own- without these things. You don’t need to prove anything to anyone. You don’t. Be happy, kind and compassionate. Once you eliminate the need to prove your worth to others, you automatically eliminate the nature of discontent. You will be content then with who you’re and what you’ve.

Now, I know we are pessimist lot. I know, somewhere, some of you will be thinking isn’t being content equates to hindrance in growth and learning?

No, not at all. On the contrary it helps.

Once you’re content with who you’re, where you’re and where you’ll go. All you’ve is pure zest for learning. To grow. For no-one else, for no stuff, not to prove anyone- but to become a better human being. Being content doesn’t equate to growth hindrance.

It compliments it. 

Be content with what you’ve. Because trust me, you have a lot. Feel happy. Feel obliged and be thankful. You’ll automatically notice how you see tiny happiness in life. How you feel much more bliss and how you take everything with that lovely smile. You’ll love yourself. You’ll be confident. You’ll be compassionate. You’ll grow more. Learn more. And you’ll, in all true sense, live.

Be content. You have everything you need. And probably much more.

Be happy now. Don’t chase it when you can be happy now. Just be.

What are your views on contentment? Do let me know via comments!


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10 thoughts on “Minimalism and Guide to Contentment

  1. Great post!! I believe we should practice gratitude everyday and that it’s possible to be genuinely happy even with very little material possessions. No matter how little we have on the outside, we can be extremely rich on the inside. I love blogs like yours! Very inspirational! :-D. I am happy you found my blog and will check out yours often! It’s one of my new favorites already!

  2. So true. We spend so much time chasing our idea of happiness, but if we just stopped for a moment we might see that it is already there, waiting for us to notice. We strive to be like other people, only to find out they weren’t happy at all. Beautifully written, as always 🙂

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