Please don’t call me Spiritual.

What do you want to see in this? Common, I am just a 20-year-old guy. Half of you will discard this article by calling and labelling me as a wannabe hippie, some of you will laugh at me thinking how stupid it is for a 20-year-old to think about all this. Rest of you most probably will label me crazy or mental and swear to yourself that you’ll never talk with me.

They want me to write about discovery of spirituality. And, I was like WHAT? Wait, right there— what the hell just happened? That was my cue. Dammit. How come I never thought about it before? Am I spiritual? What is spirituality? And what is its discovery all about? I felt like my head will explode any second. There were too many questions popping, almost nil answers to any and the smell of Pav Bhaji—all of this happening simultaneously.

You help me now. Yes, you—the one who’s reading these words and wondering what is this stupid article all about. What comes in your mind when I say the word ‘spiritual’? That’s the key question. If you’re like me, you’ll think of something mystical in sense—something with rainbows, unicorns, lights, colours, flying fairies, powers or something extraordinary in sense, something out of this world.

But is spirituality really that? I happen to visit a meditation retreat a month ago. I won’t deny I was expecting something miraculous to happen. Maybe I will levitate and stuff? Or become all-pervasive? I expected something extraordinary or something out of normal. It was a beautiful experience and an ordinary one at that. Nothing extraordinary happened. I saw things as they’re. If it is pain, it is pain. If it is joy, it is joy. Will you call such an experience spiritual? Will you call me a spiritual person?

The need to label everyone and everything is what spirituality is not. And, it is ironical for sure. But, if you’re labelling something as spiritual or labelling someone as spiritual, it or he is anything but that. Spirituality is not a game of feeding ego, it is not something which you get into, make your ego feel good about itself and then get out.

Spirituality is about falling from the highest peak without a parachute, recognizing that you’re going to die and accepting that anyway.  As far as possible, one should never get in this path at all. Stay as far as possible from it because it is not mystical. It is painful. It is like an operation without anaesthesia. But if you’re already in it, there is no turning back. You’re in it. Your ego will fight and scream and cause you pain because you’re thinking beyond it now and it doesn’t appreciate that.

So, I’ll ask you again, what is spirituality? Spirituality is nothing and spirituality is everything.  Do me a favour—don’t label me as a spiritual person and don’t label yourself as a spiritual person.  It is not a designation; it is not something you use to strengthen your ego.  It is beyond the ego.

It just is.

What is, is.


6 thoughts on “Please don’t call me Spiritual.

  1. I think the real sense of spiritualism can’t be just confined to words. It doesn’tgo well with a mere defination. It’s much more beyond words. Idea of minimalism is itself a part of spiritualism. Smetimes it happens that you are not aware of the destination that your path may lead to. You just realise only when u get there finally. Suggest you to read our sacred epic bhagwad geeta. I’m sure you will get many things for you therein.

  2. Spirituality is trying to see yourself as you are. A package of physical existence , emotions, desires ,needs ,thoughts and a good measure of ego. All this ,if we are able to see at least in some part and see the vainness of it all and are able to detach ourselves while acting then I think its a small step on the path of spirituality but a giant leap towards the happiness in life.
    I am a new visitor to your blog and I am enjoying reading your posts. You really have got a very good insight about our emotional existence. All the best.

  3. Moksha, enlightening, discovery of happiness comes to my mind with the word spirituality. I used to think about it a lot once , and then I realized why do you want all this complex stuff when you can listen holiday – green day with maximum volume

  4. As a minimalist, you are ridding yourself of things that are unnecessary. Many “spiritual” people are using religion as an opiate, to make themselves feel better. Your dealing with reality is very raw and uncomfortable. To me, you have the genuine article. Over-philosophizing and theologizing are simply intellectual escapes from the naked reality you are so familiar with. As you simplify your life, you start to experience what everyone is trying desperately to run away from. This present moment is fabulous and awful, all at the same time. Welcome to it.

    • I agree with your comment!

      Many people often treat spirituality as something mystic, I have somehow never been able to see that in those light.

      Thank you such a beautiful comment!

      Take care and cheers! 🙂

  5. The root of “spiritual” is spirit. We humans are physical and non-physical, or physical and spiritual. Body and spirit. If you don’t want to be spiritual. Tough. I believe you have a spirit. You don’t have much choice, then. How we define spirit can be argued. There are those who argue we are only physical, but I don’t find those arguments compelling. Being spiritual is acting in accordance with the truth of what it means to be both body and spirit, rather than just body.

    What do you think? I certainly don’t think being “spiritual” is about rainbows and unicorns. But it obviously has to be about more than the physical – anything else would be a contradiction of terms.

    ~ Joshua

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