Please don’t call me Spiritual.

What do you want to see in this? Common, I am just a 20-year-old guy. Half of you will discard this article by calling and labelling me as a wannabe hippie, some of you will laugh at me thinking how stupid it is for a 20-year-old to think about all this. Rest of you most probably will label me crazy or mental and swear to yourself that you’ll never talk with me.

They want me to write about discovery of spirituality. And, I was like WHAT? Wait, right there— what the hell just happened? That was my cue. Dammit. How come I never thought about it before? Am I spiritual? What is spirituality? And what is its discovery all about? I felt like my head will explode any second. There were too many questions popping, almost nil answers to any and the smell of Pav Bhaji—all of this happening simultaneously.

You help me now. Yes, you—the one who’s reading these words and wondering what is this stupid article all about. What comes in your mind when I say the word ‘spiritual’? That’s the key question. If you’re like me, you’ll think of something mystical in sense—something with rainbows, unicorns, lights, colours, flying fairies, powers or something extraordinary in sense, something out of this world.

But is spirituality really that? I happen to visit a meditation retreat a month ago. I won’t deny I was expecting something miraculous to happen. Maybe I will levitate and stuff? Or become all-pervasive? I expected something extraordinary or something out of normal. It was a beautiful experience and an ordinary one at that. Nothing extraordinary happened. I saw things as they’re. If it is pain, it is pain. If it is joy, it is joy. Will you call such an experience spiritual? Will you call me a spiritual person?

The need to label everyone and everything is what spirituality is not. And, it is ironical for sure. But, if you’re labelling something as spiritual or labelling someone as spiritual, it or he is anything but that. Spirituality is not a game of feeding ego, it is not something which you get into, make your ego feel good about itself and then get out.

Spirituality is about falling from the highest peak without a parachute, recognizing that you’re going to die and accepting that anyway.  As far as possible, one should never get in this path at all. Stay as far as possible from it because it is not mystical. It is painful. It is like an operation without anaesthesia. But if you’re already in it, there is no turning back. You’re in it. Your ego will fight and scream and cause you pain because you’re thinking beyond it now and it doesn’t appreciate that.

So, I’ll ask you again, what is spirituality? Spirituality is nothing and spirituality is everything.  Do me a favour—don’t label me as a spiritual person and don’t label yourself as a spiritual person.  It is not a designation; it is not something you use to strengthen your ego.  It is beyond the ego.

It just is.

What is, is.


The Power Of Solitude.

That Indian Minimalist


“It is only when we silent the blaring sounds of our daily existence that we can finally hear the whispers of truth that life reveals to us, as it stands knocking on the doorsteps of our hearts.”

– K.T. Jong

I’ll tell you a story.

Around three months ago, I was coming home from college.

My phone was switched off because of low battery.

And, it was hot afternoon and I was tired.

When I rang the bell of my home, no one opened. I waited for few minutes and I realized that no one is at home.

Ah, they must have gone out. I also realized that I don’t have the keys.

Fortunately, there was chair in the balcony.

Since I was exhausted, I settled myself over there.

And, I sat there. But there was no phone to connect with.

No Facebook, no Twitter, no Instagram, no Whatsapp, no calls.

And 5 minutes passed, 10 minutes passed and I started feeling uncomfortable. Really.

We’re not used to this, you know? We’re the hyper-connected generation. We have status to share and read, we have comments to be put up, we have instagram pictures to put and heart, we have jokes to share and we have people to chat with.

And here I was sitting alone on an afternoon with no such tools at disposal.

And I felt a different fear for the first time.

It was fear of being alone. It was fear of confronting your own thoughts and guilt. Fear of really reflecting on your actions, thoughts and life.

And, I realized that I never really do this. I never actually sit down and just spend some time with myself, in solitude. I never go for walks alone and just be with my thoughts.

And, I realized why. Because, it’s scary.

It was always easier for me, the moment I was left alone to take out the mobile and distract myself.

To send Hi to random groups and people, to see photos on Instagram, to take pictures, to share a status, to read facebook updates.

It’s easier. Much easier than just sitting in solitude. To confront your fears, doubts. To confront your life and thoughts. That’ll are tough. And really they are.

This post is not a technological rant of how Social Media is destroying and all that. Maybe it is or maybe it is not. Who am I to tell? I use it as much.

No, the point here is that in this hyper-connected world, we’re ignoring the power of solitude.

To curl up with a book and a good novel, to go alone on walks, to listen to music, to sit in front of sea and beaches and just stare into the horizon.

To really go deep into our thoughts and life. To reflect on our actions. To listen to the lone voice of intuition which gets subsided in the hyper-connectivity and chaos, we prefer.

To really think.

To really reflect, a space to create, a space to think, to unwind, to refuel.

To spend time with your own, to understand your actions and to ponder over thoughts.

And contrary to belief, solitude doesn’t equal lonely. No one is asking you to renunciate everything and become a monk. No one is even asking you to pack your bags and go to Everest.

No, don’t get me wrong. I love spending time with people, I love. Family and friends. And for that even strangers.

But we need to recharge on several occasions. We need to refuel.

And to your surprise, you might just become more positive and more real and understanding in your relations with people.

How will you have a healthy relationship with people if you don’t have it with yourself?

Disconnect with technology for sometime. Shut off your computer and Internet and phone.

Trust me, nothing would happen within the time that would collapse your life.

Just use some amount of time to communicate with yourself, to be alone and in solitude.

Go for a walk. Curl up with a novel. Sit by the beach. Sit by the sea. Meditate. Listen to Music. Contemplate your actions. Think about your learnings. Write. Paint. Sing. Dance.

But be in solitude. It might be scary at first. You’ll feel the urge to pick up your phone and start typing or send hi to the first person in contact list or see photos. Or update a status.

But don’t. Resist it. Stop it. Seriously, how will you hide things from yourself? Or rather for how long?

Confront the fears. Confront the demons. Confront the guilt.

Let it out in your thoughts. Let it vent. Let it get out of the system.

Listen to yourself. Be with yourself. The most inner of your being.

Do it everyday. Even for 5 minutes but do it. Just be with yourself.

You’ll feel more positive, you’ll feel more confident about yourself.

You’ll be able to create more. The deepest of ideas and thoughts will come out.

You’ll feel positive which in-turn would improve your life and your relations with others.

Win-win situation, I would say.

Oh, continuing the story.

I almost sat outside in the balcony for 3 hours, in solitude. And, I confronted a lot of things, lot of fears. And reflected a lot.

It was scary at first. But one of the most worthwhile three hours of my life. And they’ll remain so.

And those 3 hours created one of best things I have ever done, the little blog known as That Indian Minimalist.

Who knows what you might create?

Go now. Take some time out. A cup of coffee and a novel forms a good start, if you ask me.  Also, a walk around in the night.

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Minimalism- Are you your own best friend?

“You can search throughout the entire universe for someone who is more deserving of your love and affection than you are yourself, and that person is not to be found anywhere. You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection.”


Are you your own Best Friend?

Have you ever asked yourself this?

Have you?

If you’ve, do you behave with yourself as a best friend would?

Time to think.


I have been working in a Global Youth organization, Rotaract movement, since almost 4 years now. I have climbed the ladder of the organization from a volunteer to a team leader to management and to being the highest authority.

Fortunately, I have had the privilege to deal with different kinds of people. And at a young age like this, I have had the opportunity to help these people deal with their problems: personal problems, parental problems, relationship problems, depression. All sorts of problem.

I have been in depression myself. Major depression. Over so many issues, over the years. I remember being in depression for months straight.

I have found a fix pattern over the years, in their cases and mine, which is lack of compassion towards self.

Beating yourself up. Thinking you’re not good enough. Hating oneself. Causing harm to oneself. Thinking you’re not worth of any good in your life. All the negative traits resides in you: within you. Your life is no good. Why do you live? There is no point. You’ve no love in life. No one cares for you. No-one.

You know what, I am talking about. You know it. We’ll have been here. They might have laughed on you. Might have bullied you. Might have break your heart. Might have rejected you. Heck, might have beaten you up.

But what you do to yourself after that is worse. Much worse.

You think you deserve this?

You might.

Your best friend won’t.

He will sit beside you. He will remind you of all the good which is there within you. He will take care of you. He will make sure, you never feel alone. He’ll try to cheer you up. Make you laugh. Make you smile. Make you yourself.

He’ll possibly do anything to boost that low self-esteem of yours. He’ll remind you of your achievements. He will remind you of all the times, you’ve been a wonderful friend, a wonderful son,  a wonderful father, a wonderful husband, a wonderful partner and above everything else: a kind and compassionate human being.

Why can’t you do that with yourself?

You know yourself better than any other person. You know things you’ve been through. You know exactly how much pain you felt and you know with how much difficulty and bravery, you came out of that thing. You know, you’re an amazing person.

Yes, you know your flaws as well. But doesn’t everyone have one? Does that mean that you will deprive yourself from the love of most important person in your life: you?

Think of all the time, you’ve beaten yourself up. Think of all the times, you were disappointed by yourself. Think of all the time, you’ve passed in deep depression. Think of all the time you’ve deprived yourself of self-compassion.

Was it worth it? Worth whatever the reason?

More importantly, would your best friend had done the same?

Probably not.

Don’t deprive yourself from self-compassion. How will you possibly show compassion and be kind to others, if you can’t be compassionate and kind to yourself?

It is OK to make a mistake. It is OK if your heart gets broken. It is OK if you were rejected. It is OK if your life is messed up as hell. It is OK.

A phase. That’s it. It will pass soon. But be there for yourself. Tell yourself everything will be OK. That everything will be fine. And no matter what, you are there for yourself. Be the ideal Best Friend for yourself. It might sound stupid to read. But think: what difference really such an attitude can make to you?  A world of difference, perhaps.

Next time, when depression or a bad instance grips you. Behave with yourself how your best friend would behave with you. With compassion and kindness. With love and care. With empathy.

Not with self-hatred. Not with self-pity.

With love.

Be the best, best friend to yourself. Be.

The person you spend the most chunk of time is yourself.

Be kind to that person. Be compassionate towards that person.

Love that person.

If not for me, if not for this blog, if not for this site.

For the person reading this.

Trust me, that person deserves this.

That person deserves to be your best friend.

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Minimalism- 5 must know things about emotions.

“One thing you can’t hide – is when you’re crippled inside.” 
― John Lennon

Productivity Template

Productivity Template


They play such a major role in our life. Everything we do. Everything we did. Everything we will do.

All of these will be governed by this one word: Emotions.

Oh, it will impact your life. In a major manner. Now, then, forever.

That’s the bad part. 

The good part however is that you get to choose the impact, they’ll have.

Yes, you heard it right. Whatever you were fed, taught and made realized about emotions not being in your control and other such mystical things were wrong.

You’ve been misled in major ways.

Emotional wellness is crucial for a happy, content life.

Again, there is no point in cleaning your closet and desk, if you still are in an emotional turmoil. Sure, those things might help you de-clutter some of your thoughts. But they won’t eradicate the discontent and unhappiness completely.

Minimalism is all about choosing consciously. Everything. Physical, emotional and spiritual.

People have realized. People have learnt. That like majority or rather everything in your life the state of emotional wellness too is a matter of choice.

Yes, you heard it right.


Like everything else, you will have to choose how you deal with your emotions. You’ve to choose what status you give them. And you’ve to choose which emotions impact you and which don’t.

Ahead lies 5 things, I have learnt. I have realized. About emotions. Over the years of exploration. Of life and of Minimalism.

These are hard to implement. I am still to implement themselves myself fully.

But again it is a journey. Even if you take one step, it still will bring you closer to destiny.

Similarly, even if you try to implement them in some manner, they’ll bring about change.

Change of good.

Change of contentment.

Change of happiness.

5 things you must know about Emotions- 

  • Choices and Reactions- 

    I can’t emphasis on this one enough. Choice. Emotions are a matter of choice.

    The emotions you choose to react on and the emotions you don’t. The emotions you choose to let affect you and emotions you don’t let affect yourself.


    If you feel any contrary, remind yourself of the countless times when you chose to not react to a particular emotion or when you did. Consciously.

    Emotions are not mystical phenomenon. They can be chosen. They’re your emotions in the end. Difficult to do but really a key and the first step.

    Choose happiness over sadness. Choose empathy over anger.

    Choose consciously.

    Just try it. You’ll see the difference.

  • Stop being judgmental

    Don’t judge your emotions. Don’t hate yourself for feeling the way you do.

    Sometimes, you cannot control them. You cannot. It is your sub-conscious mind at play.

    But you don’t need to feel guilty. Or beat yourself up for feeling the way you do.

    Instead, try to understand why you’re feeling this way. Why exactly?

    If you judge your own emotions, you’re creating too much guilt and stress and signs of depression. Don’t do that.

    Just understand why you are feeling the way you’re feeling. Then, you can work on it. Or not. But first, understand. Not judge. Understand.

  • Facing your emotions

    I used to run away from my emotions. It seems a viable and easy option for short-run. You might feel good also. But on the long run, it will kill you.

    Always remember- even if you ignore your emotions for a while. Or if you just run away. Your emotions doesn’t stop being. They are there lurking and multiplying. And one day at the right cue, they will burst. Gripping you like never before.

    Instead, face your emotions now. There is a reason for existence of every single of your emotion. Face them. Try to understand them. Try to find a solution for them.

    Do whatever. Just don’t run away. That is the worse thing you can do to yourself.

    They always come back. In one form or another. And always with a stronger force than previous time.

    Be kind to yourself, please. Don’t run. Face it.

  • Seeing Emotions as an External Force-

    This is more of a hack.

    Remember the last time you were extremely angry? You felt like killing someone with your mind raging and teeth biting. I am sure you do.

    Do you feel in the exact same way as of now? Probably not. Emotions will come and pass. Different emotions at different times.

    See them as external forces. You’re not always angry. You’re not always irritated. You’re not always feeling guilty. As a person, you’re not those emotions. Like your eyes and nose, they’re not always a part of you.

    So see them as external factors. That will help in two ways.

    One, when they do come, you can choose to react or not. Or how exactly they’ll affect. You know they will stay with you only as long as you wish to.

    So choose happiness. And stray away anger. And similar stuff.

    Two, you’ll realize that you and your emotions are two separate things.

    Observe them. Understand why they affect you. If they are good emotions, let them stay. If they are bad, strip them away.

    You’re never your emotions. They impact you. But only as much as you let them. No less, no more.

  • Take Control

    In the end, everything boils down to this. To take control. To live consciously. To not live on auto-pilot mode.

    Take control of your emotions. Don’t say to yourself and or others that you don’t have control over your emotions. That’s not good. Never good.

    All the times, you go into depression. You choose to do so. All the times, you cry and be angry and break things. You choose to do so. And if you feel you’re always sad or discontent or angry or irritated, realize that you’re choosing that.

    You’re choosing that over being happy and content. You’re choosing. You’re letting emotions- an external force, take control of your life.

    Snap out. Take control. Live consciously.

These are just some things.

5 things.

You may already know some. If you do, that’s great. Time to implement.

Or you’re hearing such bizarre, according to you, ideas for the first time. No, really. They are not. Give it a shot. Give it time and you’ll realize why. 1 month, to be precise.

Have 1 month for yourself, don’t you?

Again the key is to do. To do. Not just to take inspiration and sit.

Sitting time, with coffee and 8 minutes, ends now.

Time to change.

Go change your life. I dare you.

Let me know via comments, what you feel about emotions and emotional wellness?

*Part of the, The Minimalist Thursday Series

Minimalism- Needs and Wants.

“The truth knocks on the door and you say, “Go away, I’m looking for the truth,” and so it goes away. Puzzling.”
― Robert M. Pirsig


Last week, I discussed about how to begin with Minimalism. It starts with de-cluttering your thoughts and knowing your own self. To know. To accept. Then to let go or to react.

If you’ve haven’t read it yet, do so. I am waiting. *Tick Tick*

Done? Awesome. Now, since the day, I have published that particular post, people have asked me that, “I have realized that I require change. I accept all those things. But what next? What do I do to actually embark upon the journey of Minimalism?”

That’s an awesomely valid question.

Because as it happens that often, we’re confused about what to do next once we know that we wish to embark upon a journey. That’s fair.

In this journey of Minimalism, you categorize next.

To categorize. Needs and Wants.

So as it always happens on That Indian Minimalist- sit on a chair, make a cup of coffee, relax and give me 8 minutes. Let me guide you through the next. What I require in return is that you just don’t read it and feel inspired but actually do. Do. Take action. Change your lives. Do me that favor.

What are needs?

Needs. The essential. Clothing, food, water, shelter. Needs. But funnily, today we need much more than the essentials. We say, I need this and I need that. So, what do you need? A car, a x-box or a chocolate fudge? What?

Just list it down.

All your needs. Remember, as soon as, you make something (or someone) into a need. You’re dependent on it (or them). Remember.

So what do you need to live a life? To what thing (or person) you’re ready to give that status of needing? Do you think about it consciously? Ever? Think. Now is the time. 

What are wants?

Wants. Something (Or someone) you want. What do you want? A house, a car? A bigger house or a bigger car? A meaningful life perhaps? Or a hamburger? What is it that you want? Remember- wants are crucial. Both short term and long term.They play a significant role in making you happy. But also remember- if you over-indulge in them, you’ll be anxious and quite opposite of happy.

List them down.

All your wants. Each and every single of them. Realize your wants decide your state of mind. Happy or sad? Content or anxious? And how much do you want exactly? And what do you want exactly? And why do you want it exactly? Realize. Honestly and brutally.

Categorize. In needs and wants. What do you need?

Do you remember when last time a want became a need?

You converted a want into a need. You increased your dependency over. Now you believe that you cannot live without. Few years ago, you wanted a smartphone. Now, you need it. Few years ago, you wanted the internet. Now, you need it. Few years ago, you wanted a bigger house and bigger car. Now, you need them.

Do you really need it? Or have you given into the want? Or societal perceptions? Or status? Or just to fill the void of unhappiness? Or perhaps you believe getting more stuff or needing more things will keep you happy.

Remember that time, don’t you?

Do you really need the things that you believe you need?

Do you really need what you believe you need? Do you? Only you can decide. Need is a heavy term. Did you think before giving something (or someone) that status. Are you happy with your needs? Do you feel fulfilled? Are you sure those are your needs and not wants? Are you?

Think. You might need- you might not. But consciously, think. I ask you to. Need is a dependent term. Think consciously of who or what you give that status to.

Do you remember when you gave into a want?

We all have been here. We all. Remember the last time, you couldn’t resist giving into something? You had that itching, that itching of guilt. But the temptation was stronger. Much stronger.

Later, you gave yourself reasoning. But in your conscience, you knew, you gave in. You fell weak. Such decisions accumulate over time and they suck your happiness. Because, you know the want is not good for you. You’re aware. But you still gave in. You did.

Do you remember when you converted countless likes into a want and then the need?

We all like things. That car, that house, that dress, that stereo, that pen, that pencil. We like it. But, we don’t buy them. Or indulge in them. Because, we realize that they don’t add much value in the life.

We say to ourselves, “I like that dress, a lot. But I don’t need clothes at this time.”

But many times, we do indulge. We do. We make simple likes- first our want and then our needs. This transformation, unless, completely worth the value will eat you up.

Stop making liking into wants and then further into needs. Why will you do that? Resist the temptations. Resist them. For good.

Needs and wants- both are crucial. You obviously need things and you’ll want things as well. They both are essential to live a content and happy life. But the problem starts when you start to need more, start to want more and make every want your need.

Probably, you must be thinking by now. Isn’t it too difficult?

It is.

But it is not a magic lamp, that will instantly make you happy. Or content. Or make your life meaningful.

This is a flower in a beautiful garden. It takes time. After efforts from the gardener, in terms of water, fertilizers and weeding and little help from the universe- it blossoms. And its fragrance lingers everywhere. Not only, it is beautiful itself but if you go near it, it will make you happy with its fragrance and beauty.

You’ll feel happy eventually. You’ll feel content. You’ll grow. And soon like the flower, you’ll start to blossom. And you too will start making people around you feel special and happy.

Minimalism is a tough journey.

It is simple.

But most things that are simple to look at are tough to implement. So is it.

But it is worth it. Everything. And nothing worth having ever comes easy.

What do you feel about needs and wants?

Let me know via comments.

*Part of the series, “The Minimalist Thursdays”- Check out the previous entry here.

Minimalism-how to begin with it?

“Are these things really better than the things I already have? Or am I just trained to be dissatisfied with what I have now?” 

― Chuck Palahniuk


Since the time, I have began with this particular blog. People have been asking me, “That all is good and nice, how do I embrace minimalism?”

If you too thought of this particular question. Go make some coffee and relax. And give me 8 minutes of your time. That is all I ask, for starters.

Now there can be quite a few reasons for even thinking of adopting this style. For me, it was peace and dealing with anxiety of my life.

For you it can be anything. Anything. Maybe you want to take that holiday and save for it. Maybe you want to change careers. Take sabbatical. Maybe you want to discover your mission in life. Maybe you’re really in debts and you want to eliminate them. All the materialism and excessive consumerism is making you extremely unhappy. Or is invading your peace. Or increasing your anxiety. You’re looking to change.You’re in depression.You have become moody and you get irritated too quickly. You get agitated too quickly. You’re losing compassion. Anything really. Anything. And much more. Really. Anything at all.

So how it begins? In the mind.  Yes, in your mind. It sounds simple. But is difficult. Really difficult. But then if you want change. Real breath-taking change. It takes efforts.

For starters, just think and question consciously of all the choices you make. Everything in your life. Question them once. Ask yourself, why exactly are you buying that thing, doing that thing? Do you need it? Do you want it? Do you like it? Are you buying for the society? Are you buying to impress? Why are you buying?

Are you happy with your life? 

If not, why? Are you happy with people in your life? If not, why? What needs to be changed? Why your emotions are always cluttered? Why is their sadness in your eyes? Why can’t you smile more, cheer more, laugh more? Why can’t you dance and sing? What is it that is weighing on you? Is it those shitty relations you are holding on to? Or are you dissatisfied with your life? What is it? Why aren’t you just happy?

Are you happy with your career?

If not, why? What is it you don’t like? Does it curb your freedom? Does it makes you feel not you? Is it having impact on your life in a negative manner? Making you all upset and moody and generally discontent and dissatisfied? What is the root? Why do you still stick to it?

Be specific. Be honest. Be severely brutal. And just think. Don’t judge yourself or your thoughts.

The first step to any change is realization. This might not happen in day or even months. I personally took several months for these realizations.

To be all honest, thinking all this can be overwhelming. Really. Because then you might just realize you’re doing it dead wrong.

And that’s scary as hell.

I know that feeling. I understand. But that’s OKAY. It is really. You will feel happy too. As you’ve decided to finally take control of your life. Take ownership and not living it on an Auto-Pilot mode. But by being aware. You’ll feel what Leo Babauta termed as ‘Joyfear

Most of the sites, I have been to ask you to start the process of Minimalism by de-cluttering your material possessions.I’ll get to it too, eventually. In later posts. But really, I see no point of cleaning your closet if your mind is wobbling with all sorts of unrecognized negativity. That is stupid.

First clear your mind, then clear your closet.

So just think and realize. Everything about your life. It might take months. I know, I took months to decipher things. But give yourself that much time, I am sure if you have time for everyone and everything in this world, you can afford some time for yourself?

This process is never ending. But at least start with it? Once you get major things or even somethings clear, you’ll be in control. The key is to start thinking and questioning everything you do, consciously.

Just start with it. Put your first foot into it. Just take control of your life. There is no fun and fulfillment in living in an auto-pilot. Find the why of each and every major thing in your life. Find it. Search for it. Decipher it.

Just do it. Don’t just sit there and feel inspired. Take that inspiration and make it count. In whatever way you like and whatever way you want. But do it.

At the end of this post you’ve two choices-

1) Like always. You can feel inspired for few hours and do nothing about it. Quoting that it is too tough or you’re too busy or you think this will not work. By being in your comfort zone. Just because you fear things outside. So, you accept unhappiness. Really you’re that busy for yourself? Interesting.


2) You can take the hints. You know if you’re not happy. You know it in your heart. You’ve been just avoiding it. Embrace it. That’s minimalism. Embrace the fear and realize everything is not fine. De-clutter your thoughts first. Realize things about yourself. And take control of your life. Own it. Usually, you get only one life.

So, what will it be? Will you just sit like every-time or will you act?

(Hint: Choose the first)

Let me be the first one to tell you- this is tough. Really. You’ll have a hard time accepting truths. I know, I did. I am still learning. But it is worth it. Really. It is gorgeous once you know you were wrong. It is scary. You feel fear, you embrace fear. But happiness of realization is there. That moment is life-redefining.

And anyways, what change, worth having, is not tough and scary?

So just fucking do it. Will you?

So here it is, in the simplest words:

Step 1 to Minimalism- De-clutter our thoughts. 

Do leave in your comments, feedback and more. How did you start to take control of your life?

P.S.- Major blog update:  

1) Every Thursdays will be Minimalist Thursdays on this blog. I’ll take you through the little steps I take, to get immerse in this process. More and more.

2) Every Sunday will be Gems of Minimalism, wherein, I’ll write about regular feelings and things from a Minimalism point of view.

Thank you for giving such an amazing response to a new blogger. Really overwhelming. You people are beautiful. Thank you 🙂